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Hanoi, with a rich history of more than 1000 years as the country’s capital, is where you will be able to come across some of the most ancient and iconic architectures of Vietnam.

Turtle Tower at Hoan Kiam lake Hanoi

Also, there are a number of old colonial buildings, telling important chapters in the history of the country. It was a rough time, but it also let the world know of the Vietnamese’s will to get back their freedom.

And then along the tree-lined streets of Hanoi, visitors will see how life unfolds before their eyes. The hawkers, the cyclo riders, the flower sellers, … all of them make up the beautiful image of vibrant life in this ancient city.

street vendor selling bamboo crafts on street of Hanoi

Water puppet show in Hanoi vietnam

People riding motorbike on Long Bien bridge in Hanoi

Stroll along the narrow lanes and get to know these people. Say ‘Hi’, talk to them, and you’ll may find yourself so fascinated with their life stories and their love for Hanoi. They are the ones who know the most about what had happened and what is happening in the city.

travel by cyclo in hanoi

street vendors in Hanoi is a familiar sight

famous train street of hanoi vietnam

Alongside the aged architectures, Hanoi has also made room for modern developments. If you have some time to spare, go to a rooftop bar or find a coffee shop which offers incredible views of the city. It’s always nice to sit back and watch how the city transforms at twilight.

Hoan Kiem lake in the center of Hanoi

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