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National Park Mo Ku Chang Thailand
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What are your ideas about the Southeast Asia region before visiting it? A region with nice beaches and affordable services? Those facts speak little about why Southeast Asia has been the top destination for international travel. In case you need to be convinced more about booking a trip to this wonderful region, let us give you a hand. You’ll find all the reasons why Southeast Asia is the absolute option for your holiday.

  1. The culture

cycling to discover the tranquility of Hoi An old town

Diverse cultures are the key reason making Southeast Asia such an interesting and amazing region to explore for any travelers. People from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities have created their unique colour for the culture of each country. And even within a nation, the diversity of their culture and traditions in various areas will surprise. For example, solely in Vietnam, there are 54 ethnicities, so imagine the diversity of cultures that you may have the chance to learn about!

The history of the Southeast Asia region is dated back thousands of years ago, and come with great diversity, is their unrivaled value to the world. Southeast Asia is home to 38 UNESCO Heritage Sites. Isn’t the number incredible, because it is the sign of an adventure, unlike any other awaits. Some of the most recognized sites you sure must have heard are the ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam, Luang Prabang in Laos, and the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Each of these destinations offers a unique insight into the development of an area, a religion, a country or even a great part of the world.

  1. People

Tradtional Apsara Khmer Cambodian dance

The people in this part of the world come from many cultural backgrounds, and they each have brought their own colour. But one thing in common, they are some of the most welcoming and loveliest people you’ll ever meet on your adventures.

People in Southeast Asia embrace the collectivist culture, meaning their life involves strongly around their family and society, putting others’ benefit above theirs. This is totally different from the western culture, but you’ll find this adoring as you travel through Southeast Asia countries. The collectivist culture has built the deepest bonds between people, and this is something you can notice anywhere – in the local market, in a small village, or in a big city.

As you explore the region, you’ll be met with smiles and friendly “Hello!” from the locals, don’t hesitate to wave back. People in Southeast Asia are very proud of their culture and beautiful traditions, they are more often ready to share with you about local history and heritage. There is no better way to gain knowledge about a country or region from its people, so make the best out of your holiday!

  1. The landscape & climate

Breathtaking, spectacular, out of this world, etc, sure you’ve heard of those words, which are all used to describe the wonders of Southeast Asia. And they are all correct! Southeast Asia certainly has some of the most magical landscapes the world has seen, and that’s not even everything! The news came in recently as experts have found a number of new caves in Vietnam, all of them haven’t been explored before.

To put a bit more in the picture, Southeast Asia has the most romantic beaches, great mountain ranges, pristine forests, stunning valleys and hills, and charming big and small cities. If you are into outdoor adventures, it is worth looking at Mondulkiri (Cambodia), Taman Negara (Malaysia), Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (Vietnam). For beachgoers, our recommendations are Phuket and Koh Phi Phi (Thailand), Phu Quoc and Nha Trang (Vietnam), Bali (Indonesia) and Sihanoukville (Cambodia)…. And the list goes one. There would be too many if we try to name every beautiful destination here, but talk to our travel experts to decide what interests you the most!

Southeast Asia countries are influenced by the monsoon climate, with the only exception of northern Vietnam. This is why northern Vietnam has 4 seasons, similar to countries with temprate climate. Generally, countries in Southeast Asia see two main seasons – dry and rainy season. Yet, this is the reason why travelers can enjoy a holiday any time in the year. While the heat can be a bit less bearable in the summer, ranging from 35 Celsius degree and above, the rest of the year has a temperature around 25-30 Celsius degree. The weather conditions are nice for a wide range of activities, plus the amazingly diverse landscapes, all have allowed Southeast Asia to become a top spot for holidays.

  1. Affordable travel that comes with top-notch services

Another reason Asia is famous as a holiday destination is for its incredibly affordable and quality services, and this gets even better in Southeast Asia. Because the living cost in these countries is generally lower (except for Singapore), you can have a nice holiday here without breaking the bank.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of services, too. Hospitality services in Southeast Asia countries usually range from good to top-notch, and there are plenty of choices, so you can search for those that fit your budget. For accommodations, you can easily book at a 3-star hotel or pamper yourself at a 5-star resort. If you are looking for food, the local shops (with dishes less than $1 USD) and high-end restaurants are there to satisfy your appetite.

*Tips: Southeast Asia has amazing local dishes, so don’t miss out on this! Some of the best food you’ve got to try is Pho and Banh Mi (Vietnam), Pad Thai and Red Curry (Thailand), Nasi Goreng and Babi Guling (Indonesia), Khao Soi (Laos), Fish Amok (Cambodia), Laksa (Malaysia and Singapore), etc.

Other services like transport or activities are also reasonably priced, therefore you can get more out of a trip to Southeast Asia than with a holiday in other regions like the US or Europe.

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